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PuTTY Portable 0. Features: PuTTY is a lightweight Just replace putty. Size: 1.

Putty for Mac 8. Putty is one of Official Versions of Putty are available on Also it Size: MobaSSH 1. Windows version supported NetTerm v4. NetTerm is a fully NetTerm offers FTP support NetTerm also has dialer PuTTY v0. PuTTY is a free ExtraPuTTY 0. Size: 2. Virtual Switcher 1. PeoplePutty 1. Network Incident Tracker 2.

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Cisco Documentation Toolkit 1. PuTTY Terminal emulation client PuTTY supports Telnet and SecureNetTerm v5.

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Size: 3. KATE 1. KATE links this virtual reality technology with the Sonork client to enable living, winking, breathing custom avatars that speak the messages coming and going through the Sonork messenger. Custom 3D avatars can be created choosing from several shapes, skins and character settings included 3d , Avatar , Character , Chat , Communicate , Friend , Haptek. Remote Desktop Manager Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform that people love to work with.

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Join over , users in more than 95 countries who enjoy Remote Desktop Manager. Drive security, speed and productivity through your organization while reducing risks for your IT. SSH tools 0.

Install putty on Mac OSX

If you use a different account, you will be controlling the computer in a separate desktop session without affecting the currently logged-in user's session. It's kind of cool you can do that, but it's not helpful if you want to provide remote support or tutoring. Then again, it gets more interesting. But, despite this, you will still see the screen as it is.

Install putty on Mac OSX – Mac App Store

In other words, if you use Ludwig's account to authenticate to RealVNC, and Wolfgang is already logged in to the Mac, you will see Wolfgang's screen and share the screen with him, so the functionality is the same. Apple offers a paid product called Apple Remote Desktop ARD , which is VNC software that supports additional features such as directory listings of the remote computers, scripting, and remote software installation and file copy to Apple computers. It's quite different from VNC. RDP requires you to log on to the remote computer in a separate Windows user session, meaning anyone sitting in front of the remote computer will not be able to see what you are doing as they can with VNC.

RDP is also known as Terminal Services. On a Windows workstation, only one user can be logged on at a time. Click here to read the J.

RDP is less suitable than VNC for remote technical assistance and user support, but it offers a more secure, functional, manageable, and robust method for a user to connect to his or her own computer at the office from a remote location. Remote Desktop server and client software is included with Windows. But, to connect to a computer remotely, an administrator has to manually enable the target computer to allow Remote Desktop connections.

Each successive version of Windows supports enhanced security and functionality for RDP. You can download an upgrade to the Remote Desktop client software from Microsoft using the links below, for connecting from a computer running an older version of Windows to one running a newer version. Remote Desktop Client 6. Remote Desktop Client 7.

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Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 8. Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2. Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 1. Remote Desktop Client for Android. It also supports asynchronous communications, and is recommended by Microsoft as a replacement for HyperTerminal which is no longer included with Windows. PuTTY is not for ordinary users. See Terms of Use.