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I mis-interpreted a forum hint from somewhere, I didn't actually check it myself. Cmd-option-8 does not zoom out, it only enables zooming in- and out with the keyboard. Doesn't work for me at all. Using The zoom, of course, works but the unzoom tip doesn't.

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This is unnecessarily complicated. I don't like three button combinations so I switched it to be Command-Z. Nice and easy. Okay, maybe I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can't see how you do that. I pulled up Keyboard and Mouse, and saw the list of key shortcuts, but there wasn't an entry for quick-zoom-out. I tried digging up Universal Access, and that was fruitless.

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From the Keyboard shortcuts screen, branch down the Universal Access portion, then branch down the Zoom section. The item called "Zoom Out" is what you want to set.

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Hopefully this helps and sorry for not being more precise in my first post. You'll probably want to pick a different shortcut than command-Z unless you zoom out more often than you undo This quick solution doesn't work, at least on my Macs.

Without doing that, the newly-assigned shortcut does nothing more than step backwards, one zoom level at a time. Uh, this tip is missing one very important step. I tried it out and all I got was a beep when I hit command-option-minus until I realized that you also have to turn the zoom feature "on" in the Universal Access control panel. If the zoom feature is turned off, this keyboard shortcut will do nothing but beep at you. Please correct this in the hint text. Lost your password? Posted on May 30, AM. That's from macOS Sierra Mac accessibility shortcuts - Apple Support.

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Thanks for your help. I checked the accessibility settings and Zoom had not been enabled so I'm still not sure what happened. I'll check out the related articles and see if I can figure it out. I can't seem to change anything with the basic display which appears to all be zoomed in upon. If the whole display has changed size, then it's possible that the display settings have been changed.

What's available for resolutions depends on the macOS version, the Mac, and the particular display in use, and sometimes how the display is connected to the Mac. Question: Q: keyboard shortcut to zoom More Less.

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