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I have the same problem, tried the first three steps and none worked. So when I tried the fourth, tried to go to internet recovery mode but it never works. I press the combination when I turn it on but it never works, it always goes to normal recovery mode. Does anyone know how to fix this or is the manual USB boot up my only option?

Turned out our old Macbook Pro had originally OSX Lion installed and it was not available through internet recovery on January 25th even if the clock was set up correctly and all possible tricks had been tried. Luckily I had one old external hard drive lying around that had been used as a TimeMachine backup disk on a similar Macbook Pro and it had a nice working backup image of the system. I restored on the other troubled Macbook Pro using these backups. I had to remove some old user accounts and do some other cleanup tasks too, but in the end I managed to get it working nicely.

Could it be Apple has removed Lion-images from the recovery servers? If so, that really is a sad decision. Lesson learned: if you use an old Macbook Pro, do a backup with Time Machine, now. Else you might end up in serious and time consuming troubles. I tried 4 and get the exclamation point in the triangle and a message stating apple.

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It does not ask me to join a wifi network. Same problem…still and thing going worst.. I bought a macbook mid white from a guy on facebook. I put in my apple ID but then it said that the option was temporarily unavailable so i tried the instructions in the post above but it just boots regularly into the utilities….

Hi, did you get this resolved? Please share what solution you finally came in to that fixed it. Thank you in advance.

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I bought if from a friend last Feb 7, and still the issue went unresolved. Steve Jobs For sure went to Hell for this product that is full of shit and for selling this product that we cannot use. May you all rest in peace. Nothing of the above steps worked for me. My only option and what also finally worked was to create a bootable USB with the installer on it. You then again gets send to a recovery mode. But now you will be able to install the OS X.

One solution worth adding here though it only works if you have a second computer. Make a time machine backup of a computer that you want to duplicate. Even an old time machine backup can work since this just gets the OS back on your computer. It worked 4 Thank you so much!

Download a fresh copy of Mavericks from the Mac App Store

I bought my late iMac second hand for a great deal thanks to your information! I value your time, knowledge and efforts!

ProofReading would greatly clean up and put a nice polish on your information allowing it to be more easily understood by those whom you desire it to be understood! All Love Thanks Again and I hope your not offended! Even tough the PC is in my linked devices, it does not allow me to install it. As the format is erased, I can not use it at all.

Please let me know, what I can do. None of those options apply to me, why u ask…. Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides. Please Try Again Later; Fix. Comments Another fix is to check which Apple store you are connected to, I found I was connected to Apple store Hong Kong recently visited , as soon as I logged back into Apple store UK the two updates that had refused to download for weeks downloaded successfully.

Hopefully it will solve these issues. I was having issues at start-up Diagnostics determined no errors. All my programs and files remained, even my virtual drive. Literally everything that is an application or info that resides in an application remained untouched. What kind of a re-install is that? I am up and running as normal, and perhaps? Really an excellent contribution, Justin.

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This is the kind of real-world-decision-making help I didn't find on the Apple Support site. I'm bookmarking your site and looking forward to discovering more practical utility information of this type.

We may come to think of our Mac as "running slow"; but, maybe that is just a perception rather than a truth. Is there any software out there that can test the theory? For example, is there software that can detect when processes take too long? I recognize that "too long" can be a complex perspective; however, you get the idea. I can't think of any benchmarks that check whether your computer is being slowed down by software issues, it's really more of a subjective thing.

It might be a good idea, though. This weekend I backed up and wiped my hard drive.

Clean Install OS X Mavericks via Bootable Flash Drive – Complete Guide

I had some games on my mac and a few passive apps e. My mac pro got so buggy for some reason time machine wasn't working out I bought a third party external hard drive 1 TB, which worked fine before and disk cleanup was pointless. Now my mac is running faster, way less lag, and fewer error messages. I don't remember the exact path. In its current state, it frequently reaches a point where it doesn't want to boot normally. What consistently restores the system to booting normally is booting to recovery mode and using Disk Utility to run a permissions repair on the Macintosh HD boot volume.

After running the repair and restarting, the Mac boots normally. Do you think it's worth trying these for a more permanent solution? Or is this to be expected with Yosemite even for clean installs and I should keep doing what I'm doing and wait on a patch The system is running well otherwise, and with all the installed applications, I dread the thought of doing a clean install, particularly if it doesn't resolve the problem.

I'd give the above tools a try first, then do a reinstall if the problem persists. I'm pretty sure the reinstall will solve the problem, but that's just my guess. What about just cleaning your mac to speed things up? I would be very hesitant to use Yasu or Onyx or any mac cleaning software. I once used Mac Cleaner, and it got rid of Windows system files I needed.

I use Paralells and Windows 8 on my mac to run Windows software, and after I used Mac Cleaner once, Windows 8 was essentially made useless. What other way is there to clean your mac? It there anything like cleaning your registry, like with windows? When they stopped supporting XP, got rid of Outlook Express, and generally stopped being backwards compatible, I said enuff is enuff and switched to Apple. There is no "registry" on your Mac, and believe me: that's a good thing. I love Windows, but the registry is a mess that I hope is replaced by MS soon. I've never heard of Mac Cleaner, but I can tell you that Yasu won't touch anything to do with Windows setup — it serves a very specific function and doesn't do anything else.

Other programs worth looking into include CCleaner for Mac. Hi, I just bought mine and have put on some apps, like google, photos and a few others and its suddenly 20gb emptier. So i thought it back to the day i bought it so i can do a complete time machine back up from scratch. Put simply: if you reinstall, everything is gone. But you might be better off trying to figure out what's taking up all of your space. Click the Apple at top-left, then"About This Mac". Click "Storage" and you should see a breakdown of what's taking up your space. I'm partly responsible for an office of about 80 people all running Mac hardware.

Running High Sierra?

I've rarely had to re-install OS X. By the time a laptop gets old enough that it might need a re-install, there is usually some hardware failure so we toss it and buy a new one. Having FileVault enabled is usually the reason for the re-install. Yeah, if you're not regularly installing and uninstalling software you'll rarely have issues, such as in a managed IT environment. I'm thinking an increasing number of Windows admins are having the same experience. Been using both OS's for longer than i care to admit.

Re-install Windows every 6 months?