Word for mac 2008 keeps crashing

Then reboot your Mac. However, if you want to test this Font cache cleaning out, here is a free and quite useful utility that helps you do a variety of operations.

What to Do if Microsoft Word Frozen on Mac? | MacKeepsFreezing

OnyX a free utility app has been updated for Yosemite and has a section to clear out various caches including specific font caches. For those who have encountered the issue, please test using OnyX and see if you can delete the Microsoft Font Cache. You can also delete the System, User and Apple fonts to test if those are causing issues. Lastly, you can use OnyX to purge a lot of other system cache, so you can try to see if some of those will help the Mac Office Crashing in Yosemite issue.

Did any of these fixes work for you? Did you encounter the Mac Office crashing in Yosemite?

EndNote: Word for Mac crashing when using CWYW

Let me know! These tips really helped me fix Mac Office crashes in Yosemite! Try them! Click to Tweet. Send Cancel. We encountered a brief issue with Outlook for Mac which would freeze up and stop receiving email, following the OS X upgrade to El Capitan.

More info here:. Sharepoint People Picker control issue: The control is not available because you do not have the correct permissions. This is an issue that we faced in one of our client sites where in only the people in the specified group or administrators could see the SharePoint people picker control added on the form.

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We had a number of clients this week whose Outlook started having all kinds of issues including regularly crashing, opening in safe mode by default, and losing certain preferences reading pane closed and text format in new email had defaulted. After trying all kinds fixes we found that the issue was caused by Outlook updates that had recently been installed. Result: Outlook seems to be as good as new. No more crashing, no more safe mode and all preferences returned. Clearly there is a bug in one of the updates, so hopefully Microsoft will resolve this shortly, but in the meantime roll back these 3 updates and make sure you set them to 'hidden' to avoid the updates installing again automatically.

Thank you! Your name. Leave this field blank. Site map Services IT Support. Animated Web Graphics. SharePoint Support and Consultancy. VoIP Telephony. Here is how you do it. You should now be back in business and be able to download and install the updates. You can always try downloading the AutoUpdate 3. If not, then you can give the DNS entries a try.

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Andre Da Costa. The DNS trick made it instantaneously. But how can it be so f… stupid? And how did you have the idea to investigate there? Great job: : :. I have been noticing for weeks now OS X seems to be throttling my network downloads. In fact, I have been unable to download El Capitan because of this. I thought, since its affecting downloads, it must be something to do with how its connecting the Internet.

Came across Googles DNS solution.

That worked! It seems as if they were doing that on purpose so that we would adopt the always up to date version. Anyways, thank you so much for saving me with this problem! This worked for me!

A Simple Bug to Instantly Crash Apps on Mac OS X

I was unable to load Word after upgrading to osx Now everything has downloaded, installed, and is running perfectly! Thank you :. This is fantastic!

I found no solution that worked till I happened on this! Joan Dempsey. I should let users know, if you join another network, these settings might be reset, so you will have apply them again. Much thanks!! Yeah, works a treat, thanks. This seemed to have works for excel and powerpoint, thank you!